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  • An examination of introgression and incomplete lineage sorting among three closely related species of chocolate-dipped damselfish (genus: Chromis )

    He, Song; Robitzch, Vanessa; Hobbs, Jean-Paul A.; Travers, Michael J.; Lozano-Cortés, Diego; Berumen, Michael L.; DiBattista, Joseph D. (Ecology and Evolution, Wiley, 2019-04-20) [Article]
    Aim To determine the impact of ecological and environmental histories on the evolution of coral reef damselfishes at two adjacent marine biogeographic suture zones. Location Indo-West Pacific, notably including two suture zones: Socotra and Christmas and Cocos/Keeling Islands. Taxon Chromis dimidiata, Chromis margaritifer, and Chromis fieldi. Methods We utilized a combination of nuclear and mitochondrial genetic markers in addition to visual abundance survey data of these fishes. Results Despite genetic patterns consistent with incomplete lineage sorting and relatively low genetic differentiation among the three studied Chromis species, there is evidence of hybridization between C. margaritifer and C. fieldi at Christmas Island based on molecular and visual identification. Introgression appears to be spreading westwards to other C. fieldi populations based on COI haplotype comparison. Moreover, the genetic distance between C. margaritifer and C. fieldi suggests that Pleistocene sea-level fluctuations may have contributed to allopatric divergence and secondary contact between these two closely related species. Main conclusions Our study highlights that evolutionary processes in coral reef fishes operate differently between suture zones, possibly due to different ecological and environmental predispositions regulating secondary contact of sister species. While secondary contact likely led to hybridization and introgression at Christmas and Cocos/Keeling Islands, none of those processes seem present at Socotra for the chocolate-dipped damselfish. This difference is likely due to an environmental barrier caused by hydrodynamic regimes in the Gulf of Aden.
  • Energy costs of salt tolerance in crop plants

    Munns, Rana; Day, David A; Fricke, Wieland; Watt, Michelle; Arsova, Borjana; Barkla, Bronwyn J; Bose, Jayakumar; Byrt, Caitlin S; Chen, Zhong-Hua; Foster, Kylie J; Gilliham, Matthew; Henderson, Sam W; Jenkins, Colin L D; Kronzucker, Herbert J; Miklavcic, Stanley J; Plett, Darren; Roy, Stuart J; Shabala, Sergey; Shelden, Megan C; Soole, Kathleen L; Taylor, Nicolas L; Tester, Mark A.; Wege, Stefanie; Wegner, Lars H; Tyerman, Stephen D (New Phytologist, Wiley, 2019-04-20) [Article]
    Agriculture is expanding into regions that are affected by salinity. This review considers energy costs of salinity tolerance in crop plants and provides a framework for a quantitative assessment of costs. Different sources of energy, and modifications of root system architecture that would maximise water versus ion uptake are addressed. Energy requirements for transport of NaCl to leaf vacuoles for osmotic adjustment could be small if there are no substantial leaks back across plasma membrane and tonoplast in root and leaf. The coupling ratio of H+ -ATPase is also a critical component. One proposed leak, that of Na+ influx across the plasma membrane through certain aquaporin channels, might be coupled to water flow, thus conserving energy. For the tonoplast, control of two types of cation channels is required for energy efficiency. Transporters controlling the Na+ and Cl- concentrations in mitochondria and chloroplasts are largely unknown and could be a major energy cost. The complexity of the system will require a sophisticated modelling approach to identify critical transporters, apoplastic barriers and root structures. This modelling approach will inform experimentation and allow a quantitative assessment of the energy costs of salt tolerance to guide breeding and engineering of molecular components. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
  • Performance investigation of MEMSYS vacuum membrane distillation system in single effect and multi-effect mode

    Burhan, Muhammad; Shahzad, Muhammad Wakil; Ybyraiymkul, Doskhan; Oh, Seung Jin; Ghaffour, NorEddine; Ng, Kim Choon (Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, Elsevier BV, 2019-04-19) [Article]
    With increase in fresh water demand and lack of fresh water resources, the current water scarcity can only be solved with seawater desalination. However, due to high dependence of current desalination technologies on fossil fuels, especially in GCC countries where the share of thermal desalination systems is dominating, the environmental sustainability is at risk. Despite high operational and maintenance cost, electricity operated membrane based reverse osmosis (RO) system provides simple configuration with less capital cost. Therefore, for future sustainable desalination, more innovative and energy efficient methods have to be sought out which will not only have the low operational cost of the thermal desalination systems but they can also have simple design and fabrication cost of membrane based systems. Vacuum membrane distillation (VMD) is a thermal distillation technique that works on the vapor pressure across the hydrophobic membrane. With the introduction of heat recovery scheme within the VMD modules in form of the multi-effect VMD operation, a detailed performance analysis of the VMD system is presented in this study under different operating conditions. The performance of system is investigated on components level with comparison between single effect and multi-effect operation.
  • Polarization Image Dataset

    Fu, Qiang; Qiu, Simeng; Wang, Congli; Heidrich, Wolfgang (2019-04-18) [Dataset]
  • An overview of e-resources acquisitions in KAUST

    Kabli, Ola A. (2019-04-18)
    Within a changing and flexible environment and in a digitally born library, this presentation will cover the library electronic resources acquisition lifecycle from receiving the request from the subject specialists until the access is provided going through acquiring quotations, invoices, getting the LA signed, and get it paid by finance in addition to the role we play to serve other university departments. It will address the best practices as well as the challenges throughout the process and how to keep a smooth workflow and highlight on the value of communication between library staff internally and with other departments to meet the patrons needs accurately and promptly. A glance on the number of e- resources, types and number of publishers we’re dealing with will be covered too. With a ‘dealing directly with publishers’ policy we of course are working collaboratively with them to maintain the productive professional relationship. It will also focus on the systems we use and the record keeping for all renewal information including license agreements and make it accessible to stakeholders. The effort of improving and enhancing e- resources acquisition is continuing. With a good future plan and a strategy, future can always be better.

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